Yup I voted…

i voted sticker spool on white surface
Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

But to be honest, the topics are just so heated that in situations like that I tend to back off.  I am not saying they don’t impact me, but at this given moment what my focus is? My little bubble…my 3 why’s…when everyone is arguing politics, I am thinking about the fact that my son isn’t doing so awesome in English or wow my daughter loves to read this year and the big one…how is my son doing in his first year of college, is he making good choices, is he studying as hard as he can? Is he eating ok…oh man when was the last time he washed his sheets???? These are things going through my head. I am not saying that because you feel strongly about a political topic you don’t care about your kids, I am just saying I already have so many things that keep me up at night that I just can’t fit politics in right now. I think about the money that gets spent on these campaigns and I think….wow, imagine what that money could have been used for? This is why I can’t get involved in politics…imagine if a politician took the money raised and instead of spending it on their campaign, they gave it to the homeless, cancer research, the opioid crisis? Imagine that. Instead of showing what you will do when in office let us see what you can do now before you get there! Maybe something like this happens on a small scale, again I don’t follow politics hard enough to know, but from what I have seen…I am pretty sure it’s not happening.

I am trying to raise my kids to be kind, compassionate, strong, empathetic adults. I don’t agree with all of this spewing of hatred. I feel like as a society we are evolving into one big ball of chaos and it is just not a stress that our kids need added to their plate. I think we all just need to slow down, smell the roses, focus on our own little bubbles and choose kindness.